D. Scott Dunham, P.A.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

It's not difficult to imagine the extent of damage that a person can suffer when two vehicles collide. Even a routine "fender bander" rear-end collision can have catastrophic results. Physical injuries can take a long time to heal - sometimes they never heal completely. Scott Dunham works hard for his clients and makes sure that they seek quality medical care. He deals with the insurance companies so that his clients can concentrate on getting better.

When an injury occurs after a car accident, the immediate effects can be felt in a variety of ways - medical bills, lost wages, property damage, etc. Fortunately, the laws of Minnesota and Wisconsin have insurance systems that can provide coverage for some of these out of pocket expenses. Scott Dunham has experience working through the systems that often appear to be "mazes" and can guide his clients through these difficult times.

In addition to these immediate financial concerns of his clients, car accident injuries can have long-lasting impact as well. The laws of Minnesota and Wisconsin allow injured people to receive compensation from the party that was at fault. The includes compensation for ongoing medical bills, pain and suffering, and future loss of the ability to work.

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